The Night Time Tea Ritual

Natural Living
November 09, 2022

It's 2:31am on Sunday...

Technically, it's Monday morning but to me it's still Sunday night.

It's night-time tea ritual to close off the night.

I start with by pouring distilled water into the teapot. I don't use spring or filtered. These leave a slimy residue on the cup and spoil the true flavors of the tea.

I let the teapot boil as I sit down behind the living room table to write. I put on Ghost Adventures and turn the volume down to a 3 or a 4. Enough to hear background noise but not enough to understand what is being said.

Ghost Adventures is a show about ghost hunting. Their first 10 seasons are the best. I like it due to nostalgia. Me and Stacey started watching this back in 2008, primarily to make fun. Then we got hooked for few years. But now I watch it as background motion.

The teas I drink at night are always herbal. The ones I tend to indulge are Roasted Dandelion Root tea, Green tea or Mint tea.

Herbal teas are full of anti-oxidants and have many health benefits. That's one of the reasons I drink it. Another reason is I've been drinking various types of teas since 6 years old.

If you search for health benefits of these teas, this is what they list:

  • Roasted Dandelion Root: promotes liver healthy and helps with digestion
  • Mint: aids digestion and helps IBS
  • Green: improves alertness, aids digestion and helps with headaches

Good enough for me.

I avoid black teas at night and only drink them in the morning and afternoon. Those tend to give me energy I need for the work day.

Few minutes later I hear the teapot going off and I turn off the stove, pouring myself a cup.

Tonight I'll be drinking Roasted Dandelion Root tea. This is a dark colored tea with bold flavor. Smooth but has a bitter after taste. Preferred taste.

Writing at night and enjoying the last cup of tea of the day is both relaxing and reflective. In fact, this post you're reading was written during this nighttime tea ritual.

After I hit a certain word count, which lately has been only 250+ words, I shut the computer down and go to sleep.

Until the next night and another cup of tea...